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Site data

Includes Name, State, County, Longitude (Deg, Min, Sec), Latitude (Deg, Min, Sec), Township, Range, Section, Qtr section, Date collected, Map datum, and Sample collector. Location data are of variable quality. Sites with locations given to degrees, minutes, and seconds are considered most accurate, sites with locations given to degrees and minutes are less accurate, and sites with locations given only to decimal degrees are approximate.

Basic data

Includes T°C, pHfield, pHlab, spec_condfield (mS), spec_condlab (mS), dissolved solids (mg/L), discharge (gallons per minute)

Major dissolved constituents

Includes Ca, Mg, Na, K, Li, SiO2, alkalinityfield, alkalinitylab, Cl, F, SO4, cation_total, anion_total, charge balance (in %). Concentrations in mg/L, alkalinity is reported as bicarbonate (HCO3).

Minor dissolved constituents

Includes B, Br, Fe, H, H2S field, H2Slab, I, Mn, NH4 (as N), NO3 field, NO3 lab, NO2 field, NO2 lab , OH, PO4 (as P), Rb, Sr. Concentrations in mg/L.

Trace elements

Includes Ag, Almonomeric, Altotal, As, Au, Ba, Be, Cd, Co, Cr, Cs, Cu, Hg, Mo, Ni, Pb, S, Sb, Se, U, Zn. Concentrations in mg/L.

Gas composition (free gas bubbles, gas seeps, fumaroles, and steam wells)

Includes Ar, O2 + Ar, O2, N2, CO2, CO, CH4, C2H6, H2S, He, H2, NH3, SO2, Total free gas. Concentrations in volume percent.

Gas composition (dissolved gas) in micromoles gas per kilogram of water

Includes Ar, O2, N2, CH4, CO2, He, H2. Concentrations in millimoles gas per kilogram of water.

Water Isotopes

Includes δD, δ18O, tritium. The isotope compositions of oxygen and hydrogen in a sample are expressed as per mil differences relative to standard mean ocean water (SMOW). Tritium concentrations are reported in tritium units (TU).

Isotopes (dissolved constituents, minerals, and rocks)

δ13Ctotal dissolved, δ18O sulfate, δ13Cmineral carbonate, δ18Omineral sulfate, 14C, 87Sr/86Sr, 208Pb/204Pb_diss., 208Pb/204Pb_rock, 207Pb/204Pb_diss., 207Pb/204Pb_rock, 206Pb/204Pb_diss., 206Pb/204Pb_rock. The isotope composition of carbon in the sample is expressed as per mil differences relative to PDB. The isotope composition of oxygen in the samples is reported in per differences relative to SMOW. Strontium and lead values are isotope ratios. The denominator in both the strontium and lead values is a stable isotope that is not produced by decay of any other naturally occurring isotope. 14C values are reported as % modern carbon.

Isotopes (free gas)

Includes δ13C of CO2, δ18O of CO2, δ15N of N2, δ13C of CH4, 3He/4He. Nitrogen isotope compositions are reported in per mil notation relative to the 15N/14N value of air. 3He/4He values are reported as R/Ra.

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